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Triumph Calendars
Pictorial, Wall calendars

Custom - Award winning full service custom calendar line

Sullivan by Warwick
Desktop and Daily Date Calendars

Hour Glass Calendar
Custom, high quality calendars with low minimums

Why Calendars?
“When I started selling for Bay State Calendar in the 1970’s, I only sold calendars. I still believe calendars are one of the best promotional advertising buys, for any business.” -- John Sarkis Felegian, CAS

Calendars Provide:
  • Long lasting exposure; people look at calendars on average 12 times daily, 84 times weekly, over 4,000 times annually. Your brand will leave a lasting impression.
  • Controlled distribution; allows you to directly target your marketplace.
  • Calendars are your silent salesperson; a personal referral of your brand to anyone who sees it.
  • Like no other form of advertising; calendars create goodwill for your business displaying your identity, product & services.

“Our wall calendar is a must have among our customers. I like working with John because he is well organized. Bay State’s quality is always there and their pricing is competitive.”
-- Joe Cara Donna, III – Cara Donna Provisions Co., Inc.